Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sea Monsters Revealed Exhibit Visited

Well, it has been some time since I have posted as I have been rather busy with 40k and Bolt Action plus my Strange Aeons opponent has been rather busy since him and his wife are expecting a baby. So, I figure I would ramble a bit about visiting the Museum of Science and Industry today to see the Sea Monsters Exhibit with my wife.

This is the first start for the exhibit and will be here until September, then it is to tour the country, not sure if it will go overseas but if you have ever seen the King Tut or Bodies (either one) exhibits then this is along the same lines. It has a variety of rooms to various themes, great lighting and some amazing exhibits that is well worth the visit.

I almost died laughing when I saw that there was  Cthulu products in the gift shop on the way out including an inflatable tentacle for your hand and another one to cover your mouth. At the register they even had Cthulu mints in a tin, I may have to buy one in the future as part of a contest prize! Still the greatest find was this!

Here it is on the tip of my finger to give you an idea o the appearance.

Now, this is it next to a 28mm figure, a coffee cup an my hand.

Yea, it was $2.99 and since MOSI is just a few miniatures from my job I can always drive over in the next few months and snag a few more from the gift store. I just wanted one for now to test out as a possible scenery item or other uses in the game (like one of the scenarios in the game with the tentacles appearing). The only issue it it is designed to fit over your finger (which may not be a bad idea to keep one on my drive into work and back every day as it would be giving a new term of giving someone the tentacle!) Some type of filler and this will be IMO a great item of scenery to build! Looking forward to this!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Strange Aeons Contest: Starting to take the early sets to setup.

I hope to again do the Strange Aeons game reports contest this year. I've been a bit slow being distracted by two major 40k tournaments and some Bolt Action gaming after recovering from the "year of hell" with my mother in 2012 having some serious health issues including a tumor the size of a small grapefruit removed from her brain. Things calming finally and I am thinking ahead again. I've been out of the habit of playing for a few months between everything with my mother and my friend Ryan dropping off the radar as he has been unable to play of late due to issues with his wife's pregnancy (and that is a good excuse, always take care of family first).

Stay tuned! If you have comments, suggestions or have ideas for prize support post away and let me know!