Saturday, March 31, 2012

500 Page Views!

Well, by the counter (on blogspot) I just got 500 hits and growing. I just hit 13 followers in the short time the blog has been going also.

I wanted to thank everyone for reading and following along. If there is something you would like to see feel free to post up and let me know.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mini of the Day: Day 12

One of my favorites again, the from the Fishermen line by Black Cat Bases, Captain with pipe and pistol.

Mini of the Day: Day 11

Another of the Cultists from Uncle Mike, one of my favorites...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mini of the Day: Day 10

Another early start as the days for me are just crazy, here is day 10 from EM4 Miniatures, the Adventurer with shotgun and pipe. I really like this figure and matches up well to the Black Cat Bases figures.

Not sure if I am happy with the hat yet, I painted it at least a dozen times until we got this design. It works for me....

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mini of the Day: Day 9

Figure I would get the drop on tomorrow as it is just 30 minutes is another Cultist by Uncle Mike. The clever is another of my favorites....

Mini of the Day: 8

Here is one of Uncle Mikes Cultists with a of my favorites so far...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mini of the Day: Day 7

Well, here is the latest, the anatomically correct zombie by Black Cat Bases. The bone color washed out a little in the picture and I do plan to do some more highlights to the skin later.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mini of the Day: Day 6

Day 6, slow posting today but I have been playing in the dirt with my wife potting plants around the house.

This is the last of the three from the Threshold Agents III. This is my least favorite due to the mold line incident. There was a bad mold line on the face and the detail around the face got fudged up in the process, very disappointed in this but it is what it is....My picture is of his good side so you won't see the scar on the other side. I tried to doctor it up but I still don't like it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Miniature of the Day: Day 5

Here is another from the Threshold Agents III pack from Uncle Mike.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Miniature of the Day: Day 3

From the Threshold III Agents Pack by Uncle Mike. The female agent with shotgun.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Miniature of the Day: Day 2

Just a few hours until Tuesday, so figure I would get the jump on this post!

This model is from Black Cat Bases Demon line, I am using him as a Conglomerate or whatever I need him to be that fits the bill.

Miniature of the Day: Day 1

First up, a Nightguant from EM4. The lighting washed out some of the dark lines in the wings but there is some black lines there in the folds for depth.

Time for some fun!

After getting the unholy blessing of Uncle Mike, it is time to put the first teaser out of an upcoming contest that I am working on. Being a new blog, I think hosting a contest would be a great way to draw in the community for an exciting outing. At this point I am trying to gather some cool prizes either gaming/hobby or Cthulu related as prize support.

I will only say that this contest will be very open ended in creativity and should be a blast for everyone to participate in. Start painting those figures and scenery up! Be ready! No excuses!

On a side note if you know (or are someone) that would like to support this contest for my blog please let me know. You can post up on my blog or PM me on Lead Adventures (styx).

Friday, March 9, 2012

Scenario: Assassination Attempt


Dr. Smith was walking out to his car after a late night with some of his colleagues and had the strange feeling he was being watched. Out of the corner of his eye he spied a robed man with a large blade running towards him. He reached for his pistol hoping he was fast enough to take him down before it was too late.

Requirements: This mission can only be selected if the Lurker is allowed to pick the scenario.

Lurkers: In this scenario the Lurker can field any number of models equal to the cost of the Character leading the Threshold group.

Set Up: Both players setup the scenery to mutual satisfaction and the Threshold player places his figure in the center of the board. Nominate each table edge a number 2/3/4/5 and roll a d6 to determine where the “escape route is”:
1: The Lurker picks the objective table edge.
2-5: Assigned Table Edge Number.
6: Threshold Player picks the objective table edge.

The Lurker player then setups within 6” of that table edge.

Special Rules:  None

Starting the Game: Threshold player goes first.

Ending the Game: Game continues until the Threshold Character has been removed from the table, escapes (touches the edge) along the nominated table edge or all Lurker’s are defeated.

Notes: This could be a deadly scenario for a Threshold player because if the character dies, they would have to start over with a new team but to me offers for a smaller more clever game of cat and mouse. Question is who is what? Enjoy! Drop me feedback and comments! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reaper Miniatures: BONES

Saw this posted on another blog and found this worth posting here to those of us that are fans of saving a few bucks....I know I am...

This werewolf is just $2! Resin, ready to paint out of the package (no washing or primer), high detail and they claim easy to convert as well.

Worth watching the video....

I have to admit, I may grab at least the Werewolf for Strange Aeons as it looks good and the price is right. The Ghost has some potential also....

On a side note, imagine the savings on shipping? A lighter material = less shipping cost. Maybe Reaper will set the stage now to show companies like GW you don't have to charge $10 (by this I mean a $50 box for 5 models), $20 or more for a single resin figure!

Reaper has my respect....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Basic Scenario: Lost in the Fog


Scenario: Lost in the Fog

Rain, snow, fog or some other unusual situation it can impair your ability to see and coordinate in tense situations for Threshold teams making it hard to be effective as a group. This comes with the job Richard told himself as he cursed Dr. Smith’s choice not to use flashlights or lanterns to find their way in the fog while hunting down the latest lead as it may give away any element of surprise. Suddenly something appeared in front of Richard pulling him back to the situation, he swung the Tommy gun around hoping he would have enough time to pull the trigger if it was trouble.

Requirements: None

Lurkers: At least one more Lurker model than the Threshold team.

Set Up: Both players setup the scenery to mutual satisfaction and roll a d6 each. The highest roll picks a table edge, and then the other player picks a table edge. The first player picks a table edge next to the first; the last table edge goes to the second player. Both players will have two table edges adjoining one another. Neither player deploys models.

Special Rules: 
The Fog: At the start of your turn nominate one model at a time and roll a d6 for each model, on a 4+ the chosen model may be placed on one of the table edges. Assign one edge to be 1-3 and the other deployment zone 4-6. Roll the dice and deploy the model along that edge. They may move and act normally after you determine which models appear at the start of your turn.

On the second turn and afterwards add +1 to the roll (cumulative) to see if the chosen model appears or not. Continue until every model that is not on the table has been tested for.

Saw something over there:  To be able to shoot at a model in this scenario requires the shooter to “spot” their target. This is a free action but the player must roll 2d6x2 to see if they can see the target or does the fog obscure the chosen target.

Note: Players may only nominate one model to perform two actions until a model with Command or Improved Command is deployed to the table as they are not around yet to give advice to their fellows.

Starting the Game: Both players roll a dice, the highest scoring player goes first.

Ending the Game: Game continues until one side is wiped out. 

Feel free to drop comments and feedback about the scenario.....

Friday, March 2, 2012

Building a Successful Threshold Team


Designing a Threshold team is easy part; making one that is successful is a bit harder. In Strange Aeons there is always the random element of the dice but building a proper team and planning can have a significant impact just like any other skirmish games.

1) In Strange Aeons you have control of your skills and upgrades you receive. This allows you to customize your models to specific roles that can allow for success in a game. Planning out the skill progression can be a key component to skirmish games that are played over the course of several games or known as a campaign. Planning out the growth of your adventurers, adding new weapons and items to the group can allow you to build a successful group.

For example, you want your character Bob Smith to be the burley hero type with the browning .30 machine gun, shooting from the hip blowing the crap out of Cthulu agents. Well, let’s look at the skills you would need to make that a reality as the good ole .30 caliber guns requires two people to shoot. Clearly you are going to want the “Action Hero” skill, but that requires a Constitution of 7 or better on your character. Well, that means you need to take a “Characteristic Increase” to bump that up first. Survive your first game and snap up “Action Hero” and grab your .30 caliber and add 3 points to your team. After that you will want to grab “Lighting Reflexes” or “Heroic” to remove the “ready” restriction on the weapon or add an extra action to allow you to shoot it every other turn. Take a Dexterity increase next to allow for a better chance to hit!

Here is what Bob should look like in his career path:
“Burley” Bob Smith the .30 caliber gunner: Characteristic Increase (Con 7)>Action Hero>Lighting Reflexes or Heroic>Then take the other skill (Heroic/Lighting Reflexes)>Dexterity Characteristic Decrease (Dex 3+).

2) The second thing to consider is Duality, while not essential isn’t a bad thing. Those of us that has played wargames over the years understands the simple fact, things will die in a game. Thus, taking a backup isn’t a bad idea. A lucky dice roll can change the game for either player and taking out a key element of a team could be a game winner. Having two ensures you will have the advantage on the board longer if possible.

For example, if you want to play a ranged shooter group, it is best to have two models armed with rifles and building to the same direction in skills to improve their effectiveness with their weapons. By taking two of the same type, you double your chances to hit, kill the enemy at longer ranges and weaken them enough to win the scenario. A monster runs towards one of your riflemen and takes him out, the other one is still standing and can avenge the loss of the other model along with any remaining members, then the rifle can turn back to the work of using range to its advantage.

3) The Third is synergy among your group. This is a balance of supporting roles to give you an edge and minimizing duplications except where you need them. Each model on your team should have a role already assigned to them or they should be developing towards within a skill increase or two. Some roles (but not limited to) for example would be: two gun or two weapon fighter, brute, sniper/ranged shooter, heavy weapons specialist, machine gunner (Tommy gun user), dynamite thrower, etc…

Example: Your team has one character with a rifle and another agent with a second rifle. The last two agents have a meat cleaver and an extra .45, one improving his two fisted ability for close combat and the other to be able to shoot two pistols at once. When you deploy, the pistol and close combat specialist can either hide or try to sneak around to a better spot where they can engage lurkers or wait until Lurkers come in range and surprise them with a counter attack to protect the rifle users.

4) The fourth element is goes back to planning for the future (wow sounds like real life!), this is a focus on the future of your group after a few games. As the characters grow and agents/civilians die, you will recruit new ones back into the fold and with luck you should have a few map elements to take on some “special agents” as well. I cannot stress how critical a map piece is and using them wisely to your benefit. Taking on a special agent can fill a gap in your group that perhaps the average civilian or agent would take time to develop. They are clearly “short timers” as they stay for one so many games before they leave the group and you will have to hire another if you wish to maintain that same element in your team.

When you plan out a team thinking of where you want to end up isn’t a bad thing and helps speed up game play to get to the next scenario instead of the agony of trying to figure out what to do next. What is also great about this is it helps you figure out the miniatures you want to buy as well. Nothing sucks more than buying a bunch of miniatures and not being able to use them

5) Not it is time to put this together to build your team! In my example below I am going to take Bob and merge him with the team I mentioned later….with a twist. I won’t post their basic gear or starting skill (command for the character)

Character (6 BP) “Burley” Bob Smith: Rifle, Lighting Reflexes
Agent “Deadeye” Dirk Dastardly (3 BP): Rifle, Dex 4+
Agent “Slash” Slydo (3 BP): Meat Cleaver, Two Fisted (Hand to Hand)
Agent “Popper” Paul Garvoli (3 BP): extra .45 pistol, Two Fisted (Shooting)

So you know right off the bat after the first skill increases would be like this and so on:

Bob: Increase to CON 7>Action Hero and add .30 (3), sell rifle (1)>Heroic>Decrease Dex to 3+.

Dirk: Lighting Reflexes>Heroic>Ambush

Slydo: Tough>Heroic>+1 Wound>+1 Attack, at some point pick up a saber

Paul: Decrease Dex to 4+>Heroic>Ambush>+1 Wound

Along with this the plan is to hire a Medic for 1 MAP and 3 BP ASAP to help keep injuries from causing issues in games. The next hire may end up being an Antiquarian to translate scrolls for another 1 Map and 3 BP depending if you want to add magic to the mix or hold onto the Map pieces for special scenarios.

NOTE: On thing you may notice is the duality goes away after you add the .30 caliber to the team, but he still serves as a fire support specialist to the group, so his role is similar, just changed. If you desire, you could hire another agent on to fill that gap as well.