Sunday, September 30, 2012

A few new faces to the gang!

Finished three agents and one Lurker...well one agent could be a mad scientist if I needed one. Been meaning to post some photos up....

EM4 Reporter

Black Cat Bases: Scientist

Black Cat Bases: Agent with Tommy Gun

Missing Link/Yeti from Black Cat Bases

Friday, September 28, 2012

Two Quick After Action Reports

Two quick After Action Reports of Strange Aeons. I forgot my camera but Ryan was able to snap a few good shots with his phone. Since this was Ryan’s first two games and I had only played two solo games this was a first player on player for me and I had not really played the rules in a few months. These was just test games and not official games as of yet.

I gave Ryan a few options and he went with a gun bunny style Threshold team:
1: Character, Lighting Fast, Bolt Action Rifle
2: Agent: Tommy gun, Dex Decrease to 4+
3: Agent: Double Barreled Shotgun, Heroic

I pulled a few random Lurkers going with:
Cult leader: Tommy gun

Our first game was “Escape into Danger!”

The game ended in about 4 turns (maybe 5 at most)…by turn 3 the Cult leader was shot by the bolt action rifle Character and taken out of action. The Maniac tried to charge but was short. 3 guns vs. 1 Maniac=red mist. In retrospect I should have taken close combat or shorter (and cheaper) Lurkers and stayed hidden instead of being aggressive. That and I should never well arm my opponent!

We had a few errors in the first game and I am working to compile some questions to post on the Strange Aeons board on Lead Adventure forums later.

I gave examples to Ryan about adding skills and boosted his team to 18 points with three BP bumps (1 to each model). He took Dex Decrease and Heroic again for the opposite Agents and Heroic on the Character.

We went for one more game and rolled “Retrieve the Artifacts”.

I took the following Lurkers:
Cultist with 22
Cultist with 22

Ryan quickly went to mid table, got high ground for this character and sniped one of my cultists trying to move a box back to his edge. The other cultist stayed hidden watching the other box. The Mummy and Conglomerate rolled forward to stalk the Threshold team.

Well, this turned into a cat and mouse game,  Ryan had a few shots on the pair but nothing could hurt their Con of 7 his dice was fizzing out again. I beat down his entire team after pulling a “Benny Hill” chasing him all over the board. Towards the end Bryan managed to hit one box and opened it to find NOTHING! Wow, that sucks!
Ryan loved his introduction to Strange Aeons and like me is a fan of Lovecraft style stuff and will no doubt pick up again and run a campaign set of games. We may try to find a few others that may want to play as well. Just have to finish painting a few figures first to get caught up.

Again we had a few errors and questions that I need to check into once I look at my FAQ later on.

Oh and for those that do not know who Benny Hill is:

Here are a few pictures from the game:

Deployment for the second game.

Threshold Advances

Threshold takes aim at the Lurkers

The agents hide behind cover!

Let's get'em boys!

Lurkers from the first game.

Carnage at the end of the 1st game. Both Lurkers dead.

Another shot.

Lurkers deployed, no the wolf was not part of the group.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wow! A week lost in the Crypts!

Well, not really just a variety of things going on but I figure it had been a week and a great time to throw out some teasers of things to come.....

I have a load of figures on deck to primer including the remaining birthday order from Black cat and a booster package from overseas from Paul Field to help bulk up the collection. Thanks Paul! Just a matter of the weather getting good enough for my liking to primer my figures! Cool weather has rolled in, there is still a bit too much moisture in the air as of yet but I hope in the next day that I can start priming tons of models to start painting.

Thursday after a game of Blackwater Gulch if we have time, Ryan and I will be pulling out the Strange Aeons rules to give them a whirl. I have only had two solo games as it has been hard to get people to try something new. So, I am working him out a Threshold team to try out including a new figure I finished painting the other day and just about finished basing. It should be a blast to take up the challenge as an official Lurker player.

What are the two models? Well, I will post up pics tomorrow once I finish the basing. One is the Black Cat Missing Link monster and the .45 automatic rifle with the long clip. Oh yea!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Something funny....

I have been lazy the past few weeks with various things. I should be back into the swing of painting soon!

Saw this on Lead Adventure, very well done singing and video work...