Monday, September 29, 2014

Tell mama that I have joined a cult! The Cult of the Black Goat that is!

I guess you could say I was a BAAAAAADDDD boy and joined Uncle Mike's Black Goat Cult....this isn't a real cult, but rather a fan club dedicated to Strange Aeons, Of course there is a membership fee of $60 for life or soon to be $50 during their Kickstarter that begins in October. Now, if you join before it starts you get some bonus goodies. Well, I hated I missed out on some exclusive stuff already like the King in Yellow, the opaque ghosts, the fat zombie and the early cult models...I bit the bullet, I always was in a bad financial bind to really get in on anything earlier so I figured...what the hell!

The Black Goat

What do you get?
Your LIFETIME Cult Membership package includes:
  • A stylish Black Goat t-shirt (in black, of course!) featuring our nefarious logo.
  • A sturdy plastic Cult membership card, emblazoned with your unique ID number.
  • Our twice-yearly (on each Equinox) PDF newsletter, Fhtagn!, featuring experimental rules, product previews, and other strange happenings from Uncle Mike’s secret subterranean laboratory.  Your initial purchase will include an archive of all previous newsletters, and future issues will be sent to you as they’re released.
  • A complete digital copy of the 110-page Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten rulebook, a $25 value!
  • A new exclusive miniature each year (released each March 21st), included with your initial Cultist package on purchase, and with your first non-PDF UMW Webstore order in following years.
  • Access to cult-exclusive offers.
Have you joined a cult today? 

Join in now, get bonus goodies from the Kickstarter! Support a great game!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Lurkers await!

I'll go into a full review later but for now my shipment arrived that I purchased from Mason! Top notch work from a gent that just started to learn the ropes! Also, he picked a great caster that did a fine quality job (not cheap ass tin).

I wanted some of the Dunwich misfits and Mason was kind enough to toss in a bonus figure which is also great! She will no doubt join the investigator team now!

If you don't know Mason go check out his work on the Lead Adventures board! Just haunt the Cthulu area and the old ones will speak to you!

Great looking fig!

And now for a musical interlude!

Yes, I am a sick twisted bastard! Watch it all and loose thy Sanity!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Something dark stirs again....

I have long neglected the blog here as I have been playing a great deal of Bolt Action and developing the community in my area.

Yet, Uncle Mike's teasers of the 2nd Edition has awakened the eldar beast in me and I am already prowling for new models and items to freshen up my games!

Stay tuned as I will be posting fun stuff soon!