Friday, November 30, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Horror of Hobby Lobby!

Well, found this gem for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby! Almost damm perfect, it is made out of cardboard (very heavy stock) and appears to have some great potential! This works well for both 1920's and WW2 themed house....

Detail shots with figures to scale it...




Top off

had to put a base under the figures to stand even with the door cut.

Another shot

Inside looking out a window.

Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 Uncle Mike's Brushoff! Ends Nov. 30th!

Just a reminder that Uncle Mike's Worldwide is hosting their once a year contest and the closing date is quickly approaching! If you have some Strange Aeons figures from Uncle Mike's range post them up or paint them up quickly if they are sitting around unpainted! You still have a few days and a pack is just 3 figures on average!

Here is the rules straight from the website:

As always, we’ll be rewarding the three best painted packs of official Strange Aeons miniatures.  Any pack will do, but you must paint the whole pack!  And to make things a little more interesting this year, we’re adding a second category: Big Kits and Battle Scenes.  For this one, you can either paint one of our large kits (Godling, Dark Puppeteer or Crypt of Cthulhu) – OR – one Threshold pack doing battle with any one Lurker pack.  You’re free to enter into both categories as many times as you wish, but note that you may not submit the same models in both categories.
So, how about prizes?  Well, with double the categories, we’ve obviously had to double the loot, so here’s what each category will dole out:
  • 1st Place: $30 UMW Webstore certificate, plus THREE unreleased models!
  • 2nd Place: $20 UMW Webstore certificate, plus TWO unreleased models!
  • 3rd Place: $10 UMW Webstore certificate, plus ONE unreleased model!
Want to get in on this bounty?  Well then get painting, and send photos of your entry to, or post them in the Strange Aeons area at Lead Adventure Forum.  We’ll add your photo to our Gallery, where you’ll be able to view your handiwork pitted against your competition.  Need some inspiration?  Check out the BrushOff! 2010 and 2011 Galleries, where you can still view all the entries from our past competitions.
You have until 11:59PM MST (GMT -7) on November 30th to submit your masterpiece(s).  Let the BrushOff! begin!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Product Review: Litko Mounted Horse Markers (duplicate post from Dice of Legends)

This was posted on by Dice of Legends Blog but I added it here due to the special rules in Strange Aeons to use horses. Now, the problem is finding some 1920's figures that are mounted...problem solved!

I got home from the Thanksgiving holidays and had a package waiting for me that included two Litko Character Mount Markers.

As you can see I put one together and left one in the package to see how you would get the product if you want to order your own.

Assembly was fairly simple, but does require a touch of glue to hold them into place. Unlike other plastic markers like Gale Force 9  markers that lock together, you need something to keep them stable. Is the glue required, no, but it helps.

The horse comes in two parts, the front and back with a central plastic clear disk that has two forks that connects to the two horse half's with a central slot that also holds a stem from both parts to a central part of the disk for more support. Overall  it is a well done design and a smart concept.

Here is one of the Litko Horses with a Foundry Old West Figure. The Horse I got is mounted on a 40mm round base.

Another shot with a Black Cat Bases Adventurer

What is nice about these markers is that you can use them for any game system from Fantasy, Old West to really anything else that could involve a figure needing to be mounted and helps avoid the work of having to make a mounted version of a figure to use in games. On the flip side, they are just that a marker, not as pretty as a figure would be and you have to make the call one what you would be willing to accept for your games. Personally, I like the markers....the only other downside I can see with these markers is needing several for a game as that can rack up in price.

FRP Games has them at $4.79 each. The downside with them is the shipping can get pricey unless you are getting a bunch of stuff which is nice if you are picking up a variety of gaming stuff for various games.

Litko has it for sale on their site also for $5.99 plus shipping.

Here is how you can get them in colors and base sizes:

Warhorse colors:
Opaque Brown
Opaque Black
Opaque White

Base Sizes and Shapes:
50x25mm, GW style rectangular base
2 inch square, perfect for fantasy grid gaming
40mm round, for skirmish battle games
50mm round, for use with the larger scale skirmish games.

Litko is having a 20% off sale until Cyber Monday. They have a variety of cool stuff, I keep eyeing the Cthulu Dice Tower!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and a Challenge for you folks!

Well, I want to take a moment and wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it today. Take a moment to be thankful about everything in life from your loved ones, family, friends as well as those that serve country. Count the blessings of health we have and the food we have been provided as we are more fortunate than many others in the world. Even those that perhaps live next door to us or those that may be in our life we don't know are suffering in some way.

My challenge is this, I had a moment at a store today. I started to buy something for scenery and I put it back, instead at the register I bought some Matchbox Cars for Toys for Tots. Instead of getting something for myself, I chose to give to others less fortunate. It wasn't much and my wife and I will do more in the future as we always do, but when your out and about, take that moment and do the same.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Liebster Award

A kind gent nominated this blog for the Liebster award! Mathyoo from the 28 Millimeters Later has been a great follower here keeping tabs on this seductive game called Strange Aeons and as he commented on his blog that my blog is proof his stuff is not all zombies! Still, if you want a great blog about zombies, zombies, zombies...good god I sound like a Cranberries song! Serious, go check out his blog it's pretty cool....

So, anyway, here are the rules for the award nominations:

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog linking it to the blogger who has given it you.

2. Pass the award to your top 5 favourite blogs with less than 200 followers by leaving a comment on one of there posts to notify them that they have won the award and listing them on your own blog.

3. Sit back and bask in the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing you have made someone's day!

4. There is no obligation to pass this onto someone else but its nice if you take the time to do so.

In no order here are some great blogs to check out and are my nominations to pass it on!

1) Noble Pursuits a new blog to my blog roll that I have been following but also has some very excellent posts about scratch building scenery. Well worth taking a gander at!

2) Mike's Wargaming and Modeling another new face to my blog roll but has some excellent posts and simply an amazing painter, very inspiring when I found his blog and added it to my list to keep track of.

3) Scotts War-gaming again I seem to be on a theme of new arrivals that has inspired me of late in my readings of blogs. Scott's stuff has a variety of posts that will no doubt fit anyone's palate when it comes to wargaming!

4)Hobbyworker is yet another new blog to my roll that I found while looking for great material for Bolt Action. This blog has a variety of great material from battle reports to scratch building scenery. A great blog for those that are historical minded.

5) Sippin' on Paint Water this is perhaps the oldest of the 5 nominations I am giving out on my list. What is great about this blog is the variety of wargames that is covered and the fresh quality it breathes into the hobby.

Monday, November 19, 2012

When your cult needs a ride...get one with style!

There was a funny and annoying story to this rather cool 1912 Model T, Captain Morgan truck.

I bid on this just right before my cruse last month, when I got back around the 4th, it turns out I won it. Which I didn't expect. I also had a "claim" filed against me by Ebay as the seller did not get payment in 3 or 4 days, something like that. Yea, I was like 2-3 days behind paying on the deadline. No message asking me what is going on, just a claim. Well, that first night I was back, I paid it promptly, emailed the seller that I was out of the states and had no Internet access (my wife and I left our tech at home, that cruise was about us) and the claim was closed out.

I wait, then wait....nada...mind you I paid for Priority Mail for this baby. Then finally after the week it said to wait on Ebay for delivery I sent the seller a message. He told me he was mailing it Thursday. I finally got it today on Monday, cheaper rate on the box than what I paid also.

Well, I wanted it and it was cool. Yes, I paid a little more than the average price of my other classic cars (about double) and postage for a single car instead of a group of them being mailed. It just makes me laugh that this could be a cultist vehicle hiding horrors beyond the realm of the human mind! If anything, after a hard won battle they can have a drink with the captain, no matter who the winner is!

Shot of the vehicle with a figure from Black Cat.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Did Cthulu sink the Titanic?

Well, this was an amusing thought I had while walking through the Titanic exhibit today with my wife. Perhaps it wasn't an iceberg! The era was right you know!

Oddly, I am not the only one with these ideas...

It was a good weekend, hobby work has been going along but slow due to this weekend (being away and all) but  I am picking back up but Thanksgiving and a trip out of town may slow me down more but I hope to have some great stuff ready to shock and awe Ryan with terror beyond his hopes and dreams!

Stay tuned for some fun stuff to turn up in the near future!

Friday, November 9, 2012

3rd Week of Gaming, Bonus Pictures!

Ryan's Lurkers from Game 1

The Mummy clashes with the character over his fallen Agent!

The table..

random shot from game 2

Random shot of the table with cars..

another shot of the table from game 2

game 2 table

Game 1 table setup

Game 1 deployment Threshold

Game 1 Deployment Lurker

The mummy hides behind the pillar to avoid being shot.

Threshold advances into cover.

Ryan's Lurkers stalk their prey...

Havoc with the Mummy again..

A closer shot..

Game 2. Ryan's Character hidden in a building.

Agents with Tommy gun and Rifle take the high ground.

Lurkers linger in the ruins...

More shots of the last Lurker advancing...

Game 3: Ryan's Mad Science Lurkers

My deployment from game 3.

Ryan's Lurkers advancing

Mad Scientist leads from the rear!

More shots of game 3

Scientist uses cover...

Captain Jack spies danger...

More shots of the carnage of game 3...

Game 3 more shots as the game gets near the end.

Game 3 towards the end again...

That's all folk! 

Week 3 of Strange Aeons Adventures Gaming!

Last night Ryan and I got in two official games and one “for fun” with a new guy that was interested in the game.
First round was my refreshed team against a Lurker Horde playing the standard Fight scene.
Ryan pulled out a Mummy, a few Zombies with pistols (from his old west stuff) and a few zombie dogs (undead wolves). My team was refreshed with the Captain taking Dynamite now, a new Civilian was added with a rifle and one of my agents took a new shiny chainsaw with him for a fun outing.
The game played out as we played cat and mouse using cover left and right to our advantage. The Zombies could not hit squat with their pistols and my only loss was the Tommy gun guy.
There was two comical moments that I recall:
  • Agent fails his fear test and falls face down in fear. A Lurker (the zombie dog I think) was ready to eat him when the Character failed his psychology test, goes into frenzy and charges the dog killing it and saving the character.
  • That same agent stands up and charges into the fray with the Mummy to support the Character. Ryan declares to go after the Chainsaw guy as the Character had Parry and was tougher. Chainsaw Agent wins the fight, rolls a critical (the Mummy had one wound from shooting prior) dies to a chainsaw ripping him apart in a swift stroke.
I got a map piece for my trouble of winning. My agent with the Tommy gun got the Multiple Injury result. *sigh* I roll, Crippled (1 action a turn), Full Recovery and Free Skill (took his Dex to 3+ from 4+ figured the extra Dex would offset the lack of actions).

Shots of the game:

My team...

Ryan's Lurkers against me...

The table and deployment...

Cover is your friend!

My team takes their time to setup before engaging.
Ryan rolled out his team and we played Free for All (a new mission for us). He refreshed his team from a bad outing again playing it light to avoid giving me serious points to use for my Lurkers.
I was hampered by the mission requirements so I took one Cult Leader (two .22 pistols and a meat cleaver), two cultists with a .22 and meat cleaver, two zombie dogs, another cultist with a club with a Suicide Cultist.
Random deployment went in Ryan’s favor with few of his models being scattered poorly. While I got a few bad rolls putting me in a hard situation and sort of set the tone for the game. Early on the Suicide Cultist was my hope to inflict some early damage resulted in being out of command range (and being useful) and I slowly kept getting chewed up by Ryan’s Tommy gun and Rifle in the building on various levels having good vantage points. The only plus is both of his Civilians was taken out (and recovered fine) with one Cultist turning into a bad ass towards the end of the game taking on the whole Threshold team after he passed his psychology test as the last man standing. Mental note for next time to take Drug Crazed to ignore psychology rolls.
The most amusing part here was the Suicide Cultist getting charged by Ryan’s character and the combat had a series of bad dice results. He charged, knocked my guy down at the top of my turn and then the Cultist said the hell with this and tried to push the button to blow both of them up. Failing of course two psychology rolls and being on his back he was unable to run in either case…not sure if the run would have taken the other action or not. In any case the Character finished him off the top of the next turn.

The table...I think the theme tonight was like a smugglers den hiding occult activity in some dark areas of the city.

And now a word from our sponsor.

My cultist in a trench runs out to take on Ryan's Civilian!
Ryan did manage to grab a map piece for his trouble after winning a really weird game.
Then we played one for Fun (we called it that later as I was taking a serious punishment and we had a new guy playing that wanted to see how the game worked). We got a Lurker Pick and Ryan at first wanted to use a Godling in Monster Hunt but I pointed out that was just sick as we had very little that could hurt that. So he picked Treasure Hunt with a Mad Scientist, a Construct with a .30 caliber gun, dex decrease, lighting fast and action hero with two other Ancient Warriors with .22 pistols. He topped the Scientist off with an extra wound and Improved command.
Of course the Treasure Hunt was a survival hunt rather as we only got two sectors searched by the time the Lurkers was on us and they was bricks! The only thing that turned it into a slightly fair fight was Ryan rolled more 1’s than binary for the Construct and didn’t do much. Finally a lucky shot downed the Construct and the new guy was able to have a guy jump down from a window and finish it off while it was face down (his major moment of glory). The rest of the game went downhill at this point with my agent killing the scientist finally and the Ancient Warriors got into Hand to Hand and was beating everything to a pulp and we called it as the new guy left and it was late.

Exterminate! *cue up Dr Who Music*

The game about halfway through.
Overall it was a good night, except at one point when someone grabbed a table topper behind me where my models was and I got the joy of watching them scatter all over the floor. I am thankful they was not high up, but I still had some damage including a Tommy gun *Uncle Mike's* cultist break (just the gun barrel) and I have a series of chips (all the way to the metal) to fix. It could have been worse, but it was still annoying and a serious loss of time to gather up everything. I know the guy didn't mean it and I am not mad or anything, just frustrated that I have to do a few repairs now instead of painting more. I hope I can fix the Tommy gun figure, the tip was very fragile...I was lucky to find it on the floor. I think I dropped the S bomb also as I was upset about my stuff being cast all about, but I got over it quickly....not much that could be done. It was an honest mistake, nothing as far as I can tell that can't be fixed...well cept the Tommy gunner...that is going to be rough...
Campaign Total:
Ryan: 5 Wins, 2 Civilians Dead, 1 Agent Dead, 2 Map Piece and 1 Scroll
Patrick: 3 Wins, 2 Losses (1 technical), 2 Agents Dead, 3 Map Pieces.

Ryan may get a surprise next week if we play. I hate trying to get stuff done on a short notice but he has 5 games in and all wins! We all know what that means! Hheheheheheh