Thursday, June 21, 2012

Painting Update: Book Golem and Investigator with Trench Coat

Two quick updates....


  1. Great stuff, I'm spending the day cleaning and assembling my stuff from Black Cat bases,(probably paint up the dogs and demonic houd today) I'll probably put the book golem on a 40mm base though.

  2. yea, he had to go on a larger base as well. Keep in mind you also have to pin it to ensure everything has a good bond to avoid breaks. I did.

  3. My problem is that I don't have a pin vice (something I really need to buy - it's ridiculous that I still don't have one). I'm really careful with my miniatures so I hope I can avoid breaking it, it seem pretty sturdy now when I’m cleaning it. I probably won't bend the arms though.

  4. Very nice Styx. Love your golem.

  5. I guess sometimes you can find some really strange miniatures in the hobby =)
    What manufacturer are the golem from?

    1. It is from Black Cat Bases. There is two versions, this one and a possessed one.