Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wow! A week lost in the Crypts!

Well, not really just a variety of things going on but I figure it had been a week and a great time to throw out some teasers of things to come.....

I have a load of figures on deck to primer including the remaining birthday order from Black cat and a booster package from overseas from Paul Field to help bulk up the collection. Thanks Paul! Just a matter of the weather getting good enough for my liking to primer my figures! Cool weather has rolled in, there is still a bit too much moisture in the air as of yet but I hope in the next day that I can start priming tons of models to start painting.

Thursday after a game of Blackwater Gulch if we have time, Ryan and I will be pulling out the Strange Aeons rules to give them a whirl. I have only had two solo games as it has been hard to get people to try something new. So, I am working him out a Threshold team to try out including a new figure I finished painting the other day and just about finished basing. It should be a blast to take up the challenge as an official Lurker player.

What are the two models? Well, I will post up pics tomorrow once I finish the basing. One is the Black Cat Missing Link monster and the .45 automatic rifle with the long clip. Oh yea!


  1. Looking forward to pics!

    I cant wait to try out the Strange Aeons rules supplement for running a Cultist force vice a "Forces of Good" one!

    1. I just had my first two player vs player SA games last night. Reports to follow later. Ryan is sending pics from his Iphone since I didn't bring the camera! I was showing him all the various stuff. He was really digging it and enjoyed the concept.

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