Saturday, November 30, 2013

The ancient old one returns! Brushoff 2013!

Well, it has been a few months since my last post and I have really neglected this blog. Truth be told, just various things, work, lack of actually playing (hard to find a regular player around here) and so forth....just life.

I struggled to get my entries done with the short deadline, I thought I had plenty of time then near the end of the the deadline my mother-in-law ends up in the hospital in ICU this past week. It has been rough on my wife and thus rough on me....things will work out in due course, it seems her dad and her both think the worst. I won't until I hear otherwise.....I try to never assume anything. Guess I learned something when I took parapsychology in college!

In any case here are my four entries this year....not my best work and mind you only the two single packs are the painted entries this year.

Single Pack Entry - Winged Nightmare in mushroom forest.

Single Pack Entry- Scrawny Ones - Stocking up for the winter

Kulten Entry- Death Cult

Kulten Entry- Arcane Seekers


  1. They look great, Love the Captain Morgan rum van

    1. Thanks, I got the van last year, it appeared in a photo in 2012 Brushoff. I added it again to one of the pics as an ongoing joke.

  2. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, my best to your family... but good to see you producing again!

    1. Thanks, everything is in the woods still....nobody seems to know anything. Amazing we pay doctors huge sums of cash to know nothing....I blame part of it on the holiday weekend, everyone wants to be with family instead of working it seems.

      I hope to produce more odd and end things over time....I just need to recruit new players, two friends have had mild interest in the game.

  3. I hear you on all points, both subjects. Things amiss with my mom as well, same sort of inertia at play. I have a few people in my personal game group now with Threshold teams and one guy even got some games in but everybody is so enveloped in Warmachine at the moment it is hard to get them to focus.

    I'm gonna run a skirmish night and only offer Strange Aeons... hope that works.

    Anyway, keep up the good work man.