Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Lurkers await!

I'll go into a full review later but for now my shipment arrived that I purchased from Mason! Top notch work from a gent that just started to learn the ropes! Also, he picked a great caster that did a fine quality job (not cheap ass tin).

I wanted some of the Dunwich misfits and Mason was kind enough to toss in a bonus figure which is also great! She will no doubt join the investigator team now!

If you don't know Mason go check out his work on the Lead Adventures board! Just haunt the Cthulu area and the old ones will speak to you!

Great looking fig!

And now for a musical interlude!

Yes, I am a sick twisted bastard! Watch it all and loose thy Sanity!


  1. Yeah... been thinking about getting these. Looking forward to seeing you paint them.

  2. I just hope to do half a job that some of the guys have already done on the forums....they should mesh well with my Black Cat Bases Hybrids....