Thursday, November 19, 2015

Strange Aeons 2nd Ed Kickstarter Arrived

Well, my Kickstarter showed a few weeks back from Uncle Mike and wow what a treat!

I know I have been long quiet also, lots of stuff has been going on over the past few months and I have been lazy, of late the Fiscal Closeout at work for the year and my accident also didn't help. My back was sore about two weeks and took that same amount of time (if not more) to get the SUV fixed also...grrrr....

Lots of goodies and a good bit already painted and ready to roll! Stay tuned as I will start to roll out many articles including a test run with the solo rules, reviews, painted minis and my thoughts on game techniques for both Threshold and Lurkers alike!


  1. Paint more!
    Post more!
    Game more!


    Great to have you back styx, hope you are all recovered well now

    1. Somehow my whip crack effects got lost there, but just assume there was lots of whip cracking after each demand :-)

  2. Looks promising shall look forward to seeing more this. Hopefully your on the mend (including the SUV) and we'll see some more posts from you!

  3. Well if you've painted stuff already you're further ahead than I...

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