Strange Aeons Contest Entries

Print Entries

First up! A cool comic style sci-fi game of Strange Aeons by MrHarold from Lead Adventures Forums!

Entry #2 from Meizter from Lead Adventure Forums with a nice journal format of an agent's adventures!

Entry #3 written by Anatoli from Lead Adventure Forums, just for the fun of it! Great game, I want to play this scenario!

Entry #4 done by Enethaeron from Lead Adventure Forums in a dossier file style.

Another great entry (#5) by Mason from Lead Adventures featuring his English Threshold version called M.O.O.S.(E).

A last minute entry (at my prodding) filled full of cool scenery with some great 15mm figures by nikharwood from Lead Adventure forums!

Media Entries

The first media entry! A nice twist to the old ode to the cereal episodes of the days of old from Necrocanibal from the Lead Adventure Forums!

Another classic film style entry by Anatoli from Lead Adventure Forums (also check out his blog on the left side in the links area, great blog!).

Another great media entry! This one features the Doomsday Device scenario by Meizter at Lead Adventures Forums our first double entry!

From YIU at Lead Adventure Forums, another great looking scenario!


  1. Don't forget to add mine, posted on LAF :-)

    1. I won't forget any entry! There may be a delay.

      My mother-in-law had some sorta of issue again at the hospital tonight, by luck I walked in and noticed it and called for help. Things are stressful and crazy...

  2. Completely understand, and sorry to hear about the new trouble.

  3. Still a roller coaster...updated your link...sorry about the delay.