Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cthulu and the Mythos ARISE!

For those that didn't pledge to the Reaper Kick Starter....shame on you!!!!

It wasn't until the bonus stuff showed and I saw the Mythos, Chronoscope and such appear that I was drawn in to the fold. Then at the very end CTHULU appeared and crashed the Kickstarter server with the Elder Sign! And just for $10 more for an 8" Cthulu and another $10 for the Mythos set...yea, made my mouth water....Bones are nice products and makes things cheaper than the metal versions....sure some of the Reaper stuff was recasts and yea, I will be trading some...but still I have tons of goodies to add to Strange Aeons and Supersystem 3 games!


  1. I didn´t see the kickstarter until it was finished... so, shame on me!! There were a lot of interesting miniatures, so I hope the plastic Cthulhu is not very expensive when they release it.

    1. They will be cheaper than the metal ones. The trend seems to cut the price from a base figure to 1/2 roughly. So, I see the Cthulu to end up like $10 or so...the nice thing is the weight, for overseas this is a boon as you don't eat the shipping cost.