Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Painting Update: New Lurker - Fire Daemon

Well, finished up another Lurker tonight, a Fire Elemental that is from the Reaper line that I plan to use as a Fire Daemon (in Strange Aeons) and as a Super Villain in Super System 3 games.

I went and darkened some of the grass around him like it was burned...

I worked with a new painting style this time on how to paint flames and added my own twist. I think perhaps I could have gone more orange in the mid and less red, but I had more reds to work with than oranges...

The concept was simple in the article and how I wanted to paint this, which is to paint this as close to a true fire as possible. Thus towards the bottom, more white/yellow with a building of yellow/orange to a orange/red with a red ending on top.

Here is the link, a very good painting tutorial....


  1. Very nicely done. Look forward to seeing him appear in a game

    1. Thanks, I am looking forward to game with him.

  2. A great mini and even better paint job. The burned grass was a great idea!

    And I think it is orange enough, it looks like a nice transfer to me.

    1. Thanks, the grass touch was a last minute thing, going to add some grey and browns later to add to it.

      I am my own worst critic and very critical on my painting. Thanks for the feedback, sets some or my orange angst at ease.