Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy 200th Brothers Grimm!

Well, time to get posting here. My mother is doing better, time will tell in the end if the tumor removal was a success or not.

Thanks guys for the weird and morbid tales we grew up with! Take a moment to read about them on Wikipedia, very interesting stuff. I was shocked to hear that the Third Reich used their works as propaganda in World War 2! Wow! 

Read more about them:


  1. wow didn't realize they where that old. Fingers and toes and everything crossed that your mum pulls through and with a speedy recovery

    1. Yea, I have been watching the Grimm series on TV that is based on their tales, the plot is that they was occult hunters of sorts trying to protect mankind from these monsters and only their bloodline could see them.

      What is a scream is that these was never intended to be stories for children due to the content. Now Disney glams them up which is ironic that the Third Reich used them to as a PR

      I appreciate the thoughts on mom, they should send her to rehab for physical therapy tomorrow.

  2. Thinking of you and your family mate, especially at this time of the year