Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 was a good year but 2013 will be better.

The stars aligned this year and I was able to get some games of Strange Aeons in finally. Events conspired against me a few times (called life) that has really thrown a wrench into my life with my mother in the hospital twice this year and my wife's mother early in the year plus the loss of one of our dogs. It has been a tough year to be honest and like facing the challenges of evil of Cthulu they build your character and you go on taking that next step!

The highlight of this year was taking second place in the Brushoff hosted by Uncle Mike Worldwide. I was shocked and very pleased with this as I don't consider my painting top class but just good table quality. To get an award is a nice acknowledgement to the hard work and hours I put behind a brush.

2013 already  holds some dark portents for my friend Ryan as he will soon get a dose of danger beyond his wildest dreams! Mhahahahahahahha....

I have a pile of miniatures on the work table that I plan to knock our soon then on to some cool scenery that is long overdue along with some scenes of horror.

Also, I hope to launch another story driven contest like last year. We had some simply amazing stuff and I want this year to be even better. With the growth of the player base among the cult of gamers I have hopes of some great reports to grace this blog again!


  1. I've enjoyed following your blog this year and your adventures into insanity. May the stars continue to align for you in 2013!

  2. Way to stay strong brosef, the karma wheel spins for thee my friend. A happy and healthy 2013 to you and yours.