Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1 of a New Year: Primering!

Well, one could not ask for better weather today and I was outside primering everything I could like a mad man. Florida has a really crappy weather pattern as many of you have your own as well. Right now during the winter the weather is wonderful (this is why all the flipping snowbirds come here and I hate them, slowing down traffic, clogs up places I like to eat and don't have a flipping clue how to drive). So, when you have a nice day that is rare like this you primer all you can for the days you can't in Florida this means in a few months rain and humidity that is a pain in the ass to get any primer work done again until fall unless you have a freak weather day.

So, I primered up a few new figs that I got from the Uncle Mike's contest and another figure I got as a bonus from a company that made a mistake and sent me two of the same type,

I primered: 3 pentagram markers, 2 Scrawny Ones, Frau (from Warm Acres), zombie dog, two gun agent, agent with Tommy gun and pistol and the Ancient Warrior. Now, piled on to the list with the other stuff I have about 20 figures now to paint up and get done!

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  1. Excellent! The weather here is so dry and hot at the moment that the paint literally dries on the brush after the first stroke!