Monday, March 19, 2012

Time for some fun!

After getting the unholy blessing of Uncle Mike, it is time to put the first teaser out of an upcoming contest that I am working on. Being a new blog, I think hosting a contest would be a great way to draw in the community for an exciting outing. At this point I am trying to gather some cool prizes either gaming/hobby or Cthulu related as prize support.

I will only say that this contest will be very open ended in creativity and should be a blast for everyone to participate in. Start painting those figures and scenery up! Be ready! No excuses!

On a side note if you know (or are someone) that would like to support this contest for my blog please let me know. You can post up on my blog or PM me on Lead Adventures (styx).


  1. Nice, I have a few miniatures bought on a whim to fill some gaps in my Strange Aeons Threshold team which might get some paint for this occasion :-)

  2. As I said, it will be well worth it. I should be sending out emails to ask for some other retailers if they would do some prize support to help out....

    Uncle Mike is already hooking up the contest with some swag...nuff said!