Friday, March 9, 2012

Scenario: Assassination Attempt


Dr. Smith was walking out to his car after a late night with some of his colleagues and had the strange feeling he was being watched. Out of the corner of his eye he spied a robed man with a large blade running towards him. He reached for his pistol hoping he was fast enough to take him down before it was too late.

Requirements: This mission can only be selected if the Lurker is allowed to pick the scenario.

Lurkers: In this scenario the Lurker can field any number of models equal to the cost of the Character leading the Threshold group.

Set Up: Both players setup the scenery to mutual satisfaction and the Threshold player places his figure in the center of the board. Nominate each table edge a number 2/3/4/5 and roll a d6 to determine where the “escape route is”:
1: The Lurker picks the objective table edge.
2-5: Assigned Table Edge Number.
6: Threshold Player picks the objective table edge.

The Lurker player then setups within 6” of that table edge.

Special Rules:  None

Starting the Game: Threshold player goes first.

Ending the Game: Game continues until the Threshold Character has been removed from the table, escapes (touches the edge) along the nominated table edge or all Lurker’s are defeated.

Notes: This could be a deadly scenario for a Threshold player because if the character dies, they would have to start over with a new team but to me offers for a smaller more clever game of cat and mouse. Question is who is what? Enjoy! Drop me feedback and comments! 

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