Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bonus Pictures from Round 2!

Here are a few shots Ryan took, there in no specific order but I did try to detail each game for each picture...

Game 1: Cultist hidden

Game 4: My Lurkers

Game 4: Threshold into the Ruins

Game 4: into the Ruins

More Game 4

apparently Game 4 was pouplar

more from Game 4..

Uncle Adolph celebrates his win!

The Dead

More Game 4, the team together...

Game 1 Cultists with captives..

Game 1: My deployment

Game 2: Ryan's team...

Game 1 Table..

Game 3: Ryan's Lurkers lurking...

More Lurkers lurking...

another shot...

Game 4 table setup...


  1. Replies
    1. Not bad for phone pictures...I bring my ancient old digital camera that is about 5+ years out of date but still takes decent shots.

      Looking forward to tomorrow night.

  2. Very cool! I like your ruins terrain - who makes that?

    1. I plan to check at the shop who donated that one set, the is well done. The other is another shop donation and is the GW Fantasy Arcane Ruins...not everything was glued in to make it easier to change around.