Sunday, October 14, 2012

Strange October Gaming

Ryan and I cranked out our first four games of Strange Aeons for campaign play. We each got to play our Threshold team and as a Lurker for both games.
Game 1: Fight!
The first game was Ryan taking up the Lurkers and putting out the following: Zombies x2, Zombie Dog, Mad Scientist (took Improved Command).
My starting Threshold team was:
Character with Sword, Heroic
Agent with Tommy gun, -1 Dex
Agent with extra .45 pistol, two fisted.

This looked like a simple mission for the Threshold team first outing to go stop a rouge scientist and destroy his zombie creations before they could cause further trouble.
The first two turns were both sides moving, on the second turn and third Ryan injected the serum into the zombies and killed both of them! I also shot the zombie dog by turn 2 as he rounded a corner with my character. Then when things looked like they were going to be a cake walk, Ryan rolls a 6 when the scientist injects himself with the serum! You do the math, a 20 point Lurker vs. a 15 point team and my strongest gun was a Tommy gun! I will also note, rolled rather poorly. After a rough few rounds of fighting the monster downed my entire team and moved off to rampage across the countryside!
Threshold enters the evil ruins.

The Mad Scientist and his Monsters!

The shot of the table.

Agents take cover in the evil summoning circle.

The zombie dog creeps around looking for a target.

*BAM* Bad dog!

The Mad Doc injects the serum into his last zombie!

Well damm, let's try it on me! RRRRRROWWOW!

Threshold feels into the Graveyard for cover.

The monster starts to maul my team!

I ended up rolling Multiple Injuries for my Agent with the Tommy gun! *sigh* Oh yea, I get Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) and a +1 Dex! My other two figures survived without fuss…
I rearm my agents with vests and hollow point rounds for the character.
Game 2: Monster Hunt
This time Ryan pulled out his Threshold team: Character with two pistols (two fisted), Agent with (Lieutenant Skill) and Tommy gun, two Civilians including a Priest with a Shotgun and another guy with a .22 pistol only.

Ryan's Team (the leader looks a little like Adolph Hitler!)

 I whipped up a Rouge Threshold Character that had stolen an experimental Heat Ray with Heroic and a Con bonus.
The Rouge Threshold Character!

The game opened with both sides moving around, the heat ray had Ryan worried….sadly when the Rouge Character ran around the corner to zap the Tommy gun he fails to wound him. Damm, should have used the higher setting. Well, I get shot with the Tommy gun taking two wounds, then he decides to turn up the heat and misses with every shot! Oh, I also rolled a one and had to blow my reroll to save him! Needless to say I was gunned down the next turn and will learn to keep the gun always set on HIGH POWER!
I got you now! *click*click*click* "oh Damm!"

Ryan fails to find any map pieces and gives a Dex Decrease to his Tommy gun guy. 
Game 3: Monster Hunt
So by now, Ryan has had cake and I have had a heaping serving of crow so far. So, my threshold team breaks out again on their next assignment to hunt down reports of some flying horror in the area.
Ryan takes a Winged Horror bumping the CON up 1 and giving the creature the Tough skill. GAH!
Well, this game was short and fast. He swooped in, chomped my two pistol agent, and then went after the Tommy gun guy. He chose to grab him and was ready to fly him away. I charged with the Character forcing the creature to let go of the agent. Then the fight started, round and round we went as I slowly hacked the monster down but not before  he was able to take out the other agent. It was a bloody fight and I am now thinking an axe is in order instead of a sword! I will have to say is Parry is a sweet thing and saved my butt this mission more times than I could count.

The table
The winged horror!

My character gets a BP, I find one map piece and my two gun agent drops dead after I get multiple injuries. So now, I have a Tommy Gun Agent that is gimped up and a new opening on my team to fill with the 6 build points I have left.
Game 4: Escape into Danger!
Well, I pull out one of my ghosts for a good laugh, a Poltergeist (sadly I can’t upgrade her) and I took two cultists to keep watch in case anyone got close. I could have had a better list if I didn’t screw up but we kept playing once I caught you cannot upgrade a ghost with skills! Would have been nice to have Heroic on her!
Still this game was rough on Ryan and put the fear of ghosts into his game plan. He was ready for some nasty beast and instead he got something more so. As I could only activate one Lurker a turn she was able to move twice and start throwing stuff at his team that he attempted to split up thinking one ma die but the other team may be able to make a break for it. The first shots both got 6 shots off and downed the poor Civilians in the first wave of attacks. The Banshee then took down the Agent with another hail of attacks before she turned on the character to finish the job. Luck was with Ryan as he FINALLY after searching all the sectors found the last one to have the remains in it. He was a lucky bastard early on getting a 6 in the second sector and I thought I just totally screwed up this game and then went, oh yea, I took the Plot Point: Outrageous  Fortune! Oh wait that is the wrong body! HAH!
Ryan's team ready to make a break for it.

The Poltergiest ready for the kill!

In the end Ryan was able to finish off my Poltergeist but we noticed if he left the board he would not win, so he went after the cultists and after a few rounds of having bad luck with the dice both went down. In retrospect, I would have had a better  Lurker team if I had caught that mistake earlier.
Ryan lost his Civilian with a .22 pistol and is now looking to revise his team for the next round of games. He found no map pieces and that was it.
Here is some random shot of the terrain including this cool ritual circle that was built by one of the guys at the shop.


  1. Nice and short reports!

    I totally understand the horror you faced when that madman injected himself! My brother once managed to roll two sixes out of three injections!

    The circle is also awesome, time to summon a demon?

    1. Yea, but I should have seen it about to happen as he killed two zombies prior...karma works like that. Once I saw that 20 point beast and no real heavy weapons...a bad day for the team.

  2. +1 Awesomeness!

    Loving your Agent figures and their opponents!

  3. Nice AAR's thanks for sharing these. Your making me wanna join in

  4. Thanks guys, I may add some fluff writing later. It was just too late last night to really add more. I will try to take better pictures on the next game batch.

  5. Glad to hear that you're finally getting to play some games. It's a lot of fun isn't it?

    1. Yep. I knew it would be a blast once I got the book. Just until now it is hard to find other players until you drag them into the cult....heheheh