Monday, May 21, 2012

And the Winners.....

Print Winners

Meizter: The Journal of a Treshold Agent

Styx Pick
Mason: M.O.O.S.(E). and Squirrel!

Honorable Mentions
MrHarold: Anomaly Detected!
Anatoli: The Crypt
Enethaeron: Tristes Tropiques
nikharwood: Cthulhu temple

Media Winners

YIU: The Cultist

Styx Pick
Anatoli: Escape Into Danger (Silent Film)

Honorable Mentions
Meizter: The Doomsday Device
Necrocanibal: Escape Into Danger

Black Goat Cult Drawing

Blog Follower Drawing

Well, it was some close voting there for several of the entries. I have to admit it was hard to do the Styx Pick for the second spot and wow we had several great entries from everyone. I want to say thanks to everyone that entered.

I also would like to make a few comments on the works:

Meitzer: The Journal of a Threshold Agent was great work and well thought out. The pictures really helped capture the game and the public voted that way. I will also say the doomsday Device was VERY close with Anatoli. I always like the bad guy to win first and the music was simply the best!

Mason: Great work, humor and great layout that really made the cake to this one. The eye candy you put into this was great.

MrHarold: You chomped right at the heels of Mason in my picks. The comic format was great and the alien twist made for a great feature along with the great scenery and game format.

Anatoli: I am a sucker for great camera work (due to my mass media background) and the close ups and pan sweeps was well done, good focus and blended well. Video quality is what won it in the end. The Crypt was well done and was very enjoyable great work there. The pictures were again a testament to your background.

Enethaeron: Tristes Tropiques had a great flavor to it; the story was great and well done. This was another very close runner for Styx Picks.

nikharwood:  Great looking work and very cool for the scale and scenery really brought attention to a smaller scale that I never considered.

YIU: The Cultist, simply great work, creative, funny and just well done in general. Great job and it shows by the voting and comments.

Necrocanibal: Escape Into Danger was another fine work well done, great photos and another tough contender for the title.

Random Stuff:

PMs will go out with each round of prize picks and I shall update the list each round.

Once draws are done I will ask for your mailing address and mail out your goodies or notify the sponsor to send you the prize you picked!

My apologies on slow posting, the printer acted up and I had to wait to get to work to print the drawing names and such.

Thank you to everyone that made an entry and followed the blog. Any feedbacks about the blog or contest are welcome.

Last but not least! A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE SPONSORS to this contest. Without them you would not be taking home all this cool swag! Take a moment and hit the links on my blog to these fine people and support them (pssst that means buy something from them to keep them in business) as they are good people and offer great products either in Music or Miniatures!

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