Friday, May 25, 2012

Wow, what a ride. Contest aftermath!

If you think running the contest and judging is all, nope now is time for the prizes to go out to the winners! Plus, I am huge on sending a thank you to each sponsor again as they made the contest along with the guys that submitted entries! Without either, there is no contest!

So, it appears I should be mailing out the plunder this weekend or next weekend (or both depending) and I am already getting responses from sponsors to the blog. Again, PLEASE check them out they have links to the left side. These are great people and great products/music, enjoy!

As things are calming down I am going to start painting and playing more again! The threat of the ever evil 40th birthday looms over my head and I sigh....not sure what I want to do for my birthday. Really, a nice dinner and some hobby stuff would be all I want. Guess I am that simple kinda guy!

I do have plans to help host a Blood Bowl league at my LGS in a few months and I am looking to host something over at my Dice of Legends blog with some other type of contest again. Maybe  Old West or WWII  seems to be the choices....

One of my next articles tackles solo games and how to add a random element to them without making them predictable.

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