Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just to show I am not slacking!

Things have been busy and crazy the past few weeks and I am in the process of closing out the Strange Aeons contest tomorrow night. Most of the work has been done except announcing the winners, letting them pick their prizes and off to the post office!

Still, I have not been idle with my hobby in several aspects including Strange a few teaser shots of things I hope to primer, finish painting and wrap up soon.....among other backlogged stuff!

Most of this is either leftover stuff from my prior Black Cat purchase, some random odd purchases or trades (see below) and an order of Reaper Figures from Miniature Giant. More on a review on the figures and the retailer! I did manage to stop today and round up some War Machine bases so I could finish basing those I could not before.

Zombie dogs, added some nice touches of the dog pissing on the skull and the other dog protecting his "bone".

Shambler and Clockwork Jeeves by Reaper
Figure Jeeves will be something big and nasty.

Reaper Bones Werewolf next to Uncle Mike's Manaic Santa.
The Santa came out of a trade and the Werewolf was my test for Reaper Bones line, agan I plan to review later.

Leftovers of EM4 figures here. A bit smaller against Uncle Mike and Black Cat (some EM4 matchs well and others do not). I had to remind myself that not all humans or animals are all the same to me the smaller snakeman, human or hybrid (that could be a child in hiding) makes sense.

Some randome small stuff. The rat was from Grenadier or Ral Partha like the one I painted before. The sewer grate and tentacles are from Black Cat.

This is a Glom from the Reaper line. Figure this would make a nice Conglomorate or some other undead block of bodies!

WIP paint job, figure I would use it as an Ancient Warrior

Reaper Banshee, forgot her name but they make several nice ghosts and that is what I planned to use her for is simply a ghost.

Mummy from Reaper..he was inspired by at the time my pending trip to the Museum of Science and Industry that is hosting Mummies of the World exhibit here in Tampa until September. My wife and I got to walk through the exhibit today and all I can say is AMAZING. If you can see it, it is well worth the money. Just the type of ways how bodies could be preserved and the science behind it is just crazy beyond words. I asked my wife later on if they would be pleased we was doing this to their bodies or would they be mortified for our actions?

A funny thing happened at the exhibit, some guy was trying to be a jerk to the worker there as he asked "is that part of the guy's spine sticking out between his legs?" and she answered in a polite fashion that was his "organ" and the guy was trying to act dumb to get her to say penis or dick instead. Yes, it seems when you are preserved as a mummy part of the ole johnson survives the ages! If my wife was not with me I would have just said, "Good god man! That's his Mr Johnson and his name must have been Hung Well based on the size of that dried up willie!" Just to throw it back on the guy.

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