Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Painting Update: Creature Feature



Werewolf Rear

Werewolf Front

Ancient Warrior Rear

Ancient Warrior Front

Shambler, see the tiny frog I have to detail more?


All these are from Reaper Miniatures and overall I am very impressed with the quality and price I got from Miniature Giant (discount retailer of Reaper miniatures).

The Werewolf was very cheap and the new resin they are working with for the most part is very nice and inexpensive. The only complaint I had about the model is the weird (as said by someone else coon like tail) and the resin is rather soft. I did notice that once I left him in the sun while primering the model was rather soft and I had to stick it in the freezer to harden it quickly to avoid it warping.

I do need to go back and do some touch up work but I am happy with what I have so far!

A new "translate" feature has been installed in the upper right side for ease of access in other languages.

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