Monday, April 23, 2012

More Lurkers on the way!

So, my wife wasn’t feeling well and bribed me with a miniature order if I took care of the doggie accidents for the week. Ah, the price we pay for a hobby, of course this is on top of my usual stuff like cooking, laundry and such….but enough of the boring stuff; I got some more figures to paint!

I went with a new outfit this time and tried Miniature Giant; they will get a review later on once my order arrives. The order should take a few weeks to arrive as some stuff was backordered. What did I get? Well lots of Lurker goodness or rather evilness! I had to resist going for the Cthulu and Elder figures due to the high point cost in game and expensive price wise and limits my other purchases. I would rather wait for a more fluffy order where I can settle down and just paint cool things instead of trying to worry about having enough variety to play.

Here is what I bought:

Bones Werewolf: Figure a second werewolf would be good and the guys was cheap at $1.47 with discount. I wanted to try the “ready to paint” and see the quality of the resin figure myself.

Fire Elemental: Make a nice Fire Demon IMO.

Melisande Wavecutter, Female Pirate: I was a bad boy and ordered here for the Pirate collection for Legends of the High Seas! It is a very nice figure and I have wanted to see how their pirates stack up to Foundry and Black Cat.

Lurien, Female Ghost: Reaper has several nice ghosts, so I want to see how well they paint up as I am sure this will be the first of many. She should make an ideal spirit from a ghost, banshee or other ethereal horror.

Swamp Shambler: I think the model name says what I am going to use it for. It has that cool swamp thing look that I like.

Nefsokar Awakened: A mummy has now joined the ranks as another baddie with Command now.

Jeeves, Clockwork robot: Ever since I saw this figure on another blog I wanted one. I figure this is a nice change from a Blasphemous Construct or Conglomerate. I just liked the mad science look to it in any case! Now, I just need a scientist!

Gloms: Another Blasphemous Construct or Conglomerate. I really like this figure will all the bodies twisted together!

Bone Fiend: Figure this would make another Ancient Warrior, Blasphemous Construct or Conglomerate again the whirling pile of bones just looked great.

  Expect a review later on the Reaper figures and the company I used to try out their discount system. 


  1. I love the Jeeves Clockwok robot, have him myself and sometimes throw together custom rules for Strange Aeons. It's such a unique and great looking miniature :-)

  2. You are the reason I liked that figure!