Friday, November 9, 2012

3rd Week of Gaming, Bonus Pictures!

Ryan's Lurkers from Game 1

The Mummy clashes with the character over his fallen Agent!

The table..

random shot from game 2

Random shot of the table with cars..

another shot of the table from game 2

game 2 table

Game 1 table setup

Game 1 deployment Threshold

Game 1 Deployment Lurker

The mummy hides behind the pillar to avoid being shot.

Threshold advances into cover.

Ryan's Lurkers stalk their prey...

Havoc with the Mummy again..

A closer shot..

Game 2. Ryan's Character hidden in a building.

Agents with Tommy gun and Rifle take the high ground.

Lurkers linger in the ruins...

More shots of the last Lurker advancing...

Game 3: Ryan's Mad Science Lurkers

My deployment from game 3.

Ryan's Lurkers advancing

Mad Scientist leads from the rear!

More shots of game 3

Scientist uses cover...

Captain Jack spies danger...

More shots of the carnage of game 3...

Game 3 more shots as the game gets near the end.

Game 3 towards the end again...

That's all folk! 


  1. Great pics mate. The cars looks great.

  2. Awesome games. I'm envious of your vehicles!

  3. Yea, I am really loving the cars, now I need to upgrade the scenery. I still have one more car to get.

  4. See, now my pictures look so much better, I learned the first rule of photography, clean the lens!

    1. I was going to say nothing about that to the general public....but well, you said it. *laughs*