Sunday, November 18, 2012

Did Cthulu sink the Titanic?

Well, this was an amusing thought I had while walking through the Titanic exhibit today with my wife. Perhaps it wasn't an iceberg! The era was right you know!

Oddly, I am not the only one with these ideas...

It was a good weekend, hobby work has been going along but slow due to this weekend (being away and all) but  I am picking back up but Thanksgiving and a trip out of town may slow me down more but I hope to have some great stuff ready to shock and awe Ryan with terror beyond his hopes and dreams!

Stay tuned for some fun stuff to turn up in the near future!


  1. Cthuluhu.... Nope it was H*stur the Unspeakable I tell you... gibber gibber cough!

  2. I had always assumed that the Captain had received the dreaded 'Yellow Sign'...

  3. LOL thats a good paint and a possibility.....

  4. That'd be a cool scenario. Try and retrieve the artifact, or whatever, before the titanic sinks and Cthulhu eats you and your soul.

    They always said it was an ice berg, but you can never trust what "They" say...

    1. Yea, I was thinking it would be a fun mission to do something like this or otherwise....

      Hey, maybe the German's was not responsible for all those missing ships in WW1 either! Hrmmm....

  5. Replies
    1. There is a new one in town in St. Petersburg Florida...located at the Macaffey Theatre just next door to the Dali Museum. It is a touring exhibit, my wife wants to go see the one in Orlando next. She is a huge Titanic fan.

      This one was interesting, they had a recreated 1st and 3rd class room, deck plans, artifacts recovered, actors dressed in period dress to answer questions...they even give you a ticket of someone on the the end you can check and see if you survived or died....of course I was dead and my wife was a survivor...what was most interesting was that 1/3 of the crew survived, a higher percentage than the passengers.