Friday, November 9, 2012

Week 3 of Strange Aeons Adventures Gaming!

Last night Ryan and I got in two official games and one “for fun” with a new guy that was interested in the game.
First round was my refreshed team against a Lurker Horde playing the standard Fight scene.
Ryan pulled out a Mummy, a few Zombies with pistols (from his old west stuff) and a few zombie dogs (undead wolves). My team was refreshed with the Captain taking Dynamite now, a new Civilian was added with a rifle and one of my agents took a new shiny chainsaw with him for a fun outing.
The game played out as we played cat and mouse using cover left and right to our advantage. The Zombies could not hit squat with their pistols and my only loss was the Tommy gun guy.
There was two comical moments that I recall:
  • Agent fails his fear test and falls face down in fear. A Lurker (the zombie dog I think) was ready to eat him when the Character failed his psychology test, goes into frenzy and charges the dog killing it and saving the character.
  • That same agent stands up and charges into the fray with the Mummy to support the Character. Ryan declares to go after the Chainsaw guy as the Character had Parry and was tougher. Chainsaw Agent wins the fight, rolls a critical (the Mummy had one wound from shooting prior) dies to a chainsaw ripping him apart in a swift stroke.
I got a map piece for my trouble of winning. My agent with the Tommy gun got the Multiple Injury result. *sigh* I roll, Crippled (1 action a turn), Full Recovery and Free Skill (took his Dex to 3+ from 4+ figured the extra Dex would offset the lack of actions).

Shots of the game:

My team...

Ryan's Lurkers against me...

The table and deployment...

Cover is your friend!

My team takes their time to setup before engaging.
Ryan rolled out his team and we played Free for All (a new mission for us). He refreshed his team from a bad outing again playing it light to avoid giving me serious points to use for my Lurkers.
I was hampered by the mission requirements so I took one Cult Leader (two .22 pistols and a meat cleaver), two cultists with a .22 and meat cleaver, two zombie dogs, another cultist with a club with a Suicide Cultist.
Random deployment went in Ryan’s favor with few of his models being scattered poorly. While I got a few bad rolls putting me in a hard situation and sort of set the tone for the game. Early on the Suicide Cultist was my hope to inflict some early damage resulted in being out of command range (and being useful) and I slowly kept getting chewed up by Ryan’s Tommy gun and Rifle in the building on various levels having good vantage points. The only plus is both of his Civilians was taken out (and recovered fine) with one Cultist turning into a bad ass towards the end of the game taking on the whole Threshold team after he passed his psychology test as the last man standing. Mental note for next time to take Drug Crazed to ignore psychology rolls.
The most amusing part here was the Suicide Cultist getting charged by Ryan’s character and the combat had a series of bad dice results. He charged, knocked my guy down at the top of my turn and then the Cultist said the hell with this and tried to push the button to blow both of them up. Failing of course two psychology rolls and being on his back he was unable to run in either case…not sure if the run would have taken the other action or not. In any case the Character finished him off the top of the next turn.

The table...I think the theme tonight was like a smugglers den hiding occult activity in some dark areas of the city.

And now a word from our sponsor.

My cultist in a trench runs out to take on Ryan's Civilian!
Ryan did manage to grab a map piece for his trouble after winning a really weird game.
Then we played one for Fun (we called it that later as I was taking a serious punishment and we had a new guy playing that wanted to see how the game worked). We got a Lurker Pick and Ryan at first wanted to use a Godling in Monster Hunt but I pointed out that was just sick as we had very little that could hurt that. So he picked Treasure Hunt with a Mad Scientist, a Construct with a .30 caliber gun, dex decrease, lighting fast and action hero with two other Ancient Warriors with .22 pistols. He topped the Scientist off with an extra wound and Improved command.
Of course the Treasure Hunt was a survival hunt rather as we only got two sectors searched by the time the Lurkers was on us and they was bricks! The only thing that turned it into a slightly fair fight was Ryan rolled more 1’s than binary for the Construct and didn’t do much. Finally a lucky shot downed the Construct and the new guy was able to have a guy jump down from a window and finish it off while it was face down (his major moment of glory). The rest of the game went downhill at this point with my agent killing the scientist finally and the Ancient Warriors got into Hand to Hand and was beating everything to a pulp and we called it as the new guy left and it was late.

Exterminate! *cue up Dr Who Music*

The game about halfway through.
Overall it was a good night, except at one point when someone grabbed a table topper behind me where my models was and I got the joy of watching them scatter all over the floor. I am thankful they was not high up, but I still had some damage including a Tommy gun *Uncle Mike's* cultist break (just the gun barrel) and I have a series of chips (all the way to the metal) to fix. It could have been worse, but it was still annoying and a serious loss of time to gather up everything. I know the guy didn't mean it and I am not mad or anything, just frustrated that I have to do a few repairs now instead of painting more. I hope I can fix the Tommy gun figure, the tip was very fragile...I was lucky to find it on the floor. I think I dropped the S bomb also as I was upset about my stuff being cast all about, but I got over it quickly....not much that could be done. It was an honest mistake, nothing as far as I can tell that can't be fixed...well cept the Tommy gunner...that is going to be rough...
Campaign Total:
Ryan: 5 Wins, 2 Civilians Dead, 1 Agent Dead, 2 Map Piece and 1 Scroll
Patrick: 3 Wins, 2 Losses (1 technical), 2 Agents Dead, 3 Map Pieces.

Ryan may get a surprise next week if we play. I hate trying to get stuff done on a short notice but he has 5 games in and all wins! We all know what that means! Hheheheheheh


  1. I think this was the best week of games so far. I really liked the combats, they had a certain ebb and flow, which was nice. I am really sorry about the miniatures, I saw it happen in my mind's eye 2 seconds before it happened.

    Btw, the events happened slightly different then the story above. The zombie dogs died to some gunfire, then the Mummy ran up and the Chainsaw and the Hero failed their Psychology tests. The chainsaw collapsed and cried for a bit, and your Hero frenzied and ran into save him. He fended the Mummy off long enough for the Chainsaw to get up and cut the Mummy in twain. It was quite awesome. You team really did perform well, I think the force I created was nice and balanced, but you outplayed me that round. My hats off to you.

    1. Yea, I was fuzzy about the events at that point. Well, you should enjoy next week if I can get a few more things in place....

      I agree the flow is going better...still have a few hitchs but not often.

      On the model thing, I had the 2 second cringe when the guy was behind me and I thought about my models...then I hear a crash...