Thursday, April 5, 2012

Contest Teaser!

Be ready! On Monday I plan to announce the rules and deadline for the contest.
As promised I managed to gather some great swag from some very generous people in the industry. I do encourage you to take the time to visit their sites and perhaps make a few purchases. As a patron of many and soon to be on those I have not already I feel they will not disappoint you!
My blog will also feature links to these supporters as recommended retailers. It is only fair they took the time to help out, that I point people towards them to keep them in business.
What are the prizes? Tons items that will make all your sanity bleed away and put you in a padded room! I am working now on how to divide up the prize lots as I want people to walk away with some great prizes for their hard work. I also plan to make this a pick and choose style so with luck people will walk away with something they really want.
Here is a preview of things to come and in no specific oder:
Avolakia over at Lead Adventure Forums agreed to send a winner a model and asked me which one I liked so, I picked the Dark Young of Nigurat! Who would not want one of his fantastic figures and no less than some tentacle beastie ready to gulp down some Threshold agents!
A £20 gift voucher from EM4 Miniatures to bolter up your collection of Miniatures, if you have not seen their great miniatures, check out my blog and miniature of the day posts on Lead Adventures, the models they make are just amazing and priced right! They give top notch service with my past order and quickly fixed a small error as well promptly.
A £10 gift voucher from Mutton Chop Miniatures, these guys are on my purchase list as they have some great looking figures that are great to add to your Strange Aeons collection.
Uncle Mike has supplied 3 copies including a variant cover of the Strange Aeons Magazine that includes the unique rules for Artifacts and a “Make you into an Elder God” kit.
Last but not least, Black Cat Bases really stepped up to the line and is sending about £100 in miniatures, dice and they are also putting a few “not even out for sale  yet figures” into the prize lot. How cool is that? Pretty damm cool if you ask me!
Again, if anyone wants to add anything else to the prize pool, let me know. As it stands we are right at £200 (maybe a bit short) in prizes and I am stoked about this contest.
Oh, one more thing….please take a moment to send each of the supporters a thank you and post up here thanking them for their support and generous donations. I am sure they would appreciate it. Later!

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