Monday, April 9, 2012

Strange Aeons Adventures Contest! *updated 4/26*

Strange Aeons Adventures Contest!

Start: Monday, April 9th!
Ends: Monday, May 14th at Midnight
Winners Announced: Friday, May 21!


What do I need to enter?  Simply play a game of Strange Aeons and post an after action report telling your story of the game. I will have a Topic started on Lead Adventures starting today that will allow you to post up your entry. All you need to provide is the link to your entry in your post and what type of entry it is (media or pint).

What Formats do I need to use for my entry? There will be two entry classes, you may enter each once, but they must be different games played.

Entry Classes:
Print: Simply, a written after action report of your game. You may include pictures if you wish (and encouraged) but the format is up to you if you wish to present it in a technical style or incorporate storyteller elements making it more of a story that spawns from the game. Remember, you are telling me your adventure so the sky is the limit on how you want to present it! These entries can be posted on your blog, website, posted on Lead Adventures Forum or any other public accessible format.

Media: This can be video, slideshow or other media based entries. Again, you can use music, voice over, graphics, transitions and anything else you desire. Just make sure it is in an easy to access format by the general public such as for example.

Where should I post my entry? All entries should be posted on the Lead Adventure Forums contest topic. Include the link/URL to your entry. Videos should be posted on Youtube or other easy to access media sites. Written entries can be posted in a topic on Lead Adventures Forum, posted on a blog, webpage or other related format. Again, the important key here is posting your entry link to the LAF topic for ease of access.

Why are there two types of entries? Easy, I felt that written (print) would be overcome by the special effects and such of using digital media but I didn’t want to exclude it either so this allows people two options to enter with and go with whatever they are most comfortable with.

Why are you stressing the format should be public? Simply that is two fold, to make sure I can access it to judge the entry and that the general public can enjoy your adventures and spread the good word of Strange Aeons game to those that may not know much about the game. Before I made the plunge to buy Strange Aeons, I read other people’s reviews, games and watched videos to know more about what I may be buying.

Can I use an old report that I have done in the past? No, I want something new and current. I don’t care to reread something I may have already seen prior (and I have seen and read many people’s videos and online written after action reports).

Does it have to be a regular game of Strange Aeons? No it can be a multi-player game, a solo game or use the Von Unaussprechinlichen Kluten (Unspeakable Cults) Beta. You may select any scenario found within the Strange Aeons Core Rules, Morbid Adventures, Shocking Tales 1 and 2 or the special free PDFs found on the Strange Aeons site. 

How will entries be scored? By creativity, this is about the presentation, the intent to entertain the viewer. This is your adventure and your story. Photo’s, writing styles, artwork, graphics and more will be considered in determining the winners.

What can I win? Prizes include miniatures, dice, magazines, gift vouchers, digital artwork and music from various supporters. Most prizes will be mailed directly from me (except one) and I will provide to the retailer any gift voucher information so winners may claim their prizes. Once I see the number of entries I will then break up the prizes into lots and the winners may select their prizes. You never know, we may have a last minute donation from someone that wants to join in the fun or add more goodies to the pile!

Here is a list of the goodies!

- Toren Atkinson of the "Darkest of Hillside Thickets" and artist is going to donate a digital drawing to the contest winner based on their winning entry's story. Uncle Mike will publish it in a forthcomming book for Strange Aeons.

- the limited 2-CD of our latest album "Fragment" by Musica Cuthulhiana

- a special package of the limited 2-CD "Fragment" AND the sold out previous album "The Fourth" by Musica Cuthulhiana.

- Gift Vouchers from EM4 Miniatures and Muttonchop Miniatures!

- Various copies of Strange Aeons Magazine that contains super secret special rules never published anywhere else and a "make yourself into an Elder god hat" from Uncle Mike.

- A virtual horde of miniatures from Black Cat bases all packaged up in cool theme packs! 

- A dark young of sub nigurat by avolakia from Lead Adventures Forums!  

But wait there is MORE! Yes, I am also going to drop two other special prizes that you can enter even if you don’t want to enter the contest.

*Follow the blog! Follow my blog (if you are not already) and post up that you would like to enter. You must do both (be a follower and post) to be eligible for this prize.

Members of the Black Goat Cult! If you are a member of the Black Goat Cult with Uncle Mike’s email me at patrickballinger (at) with the title Black Goat Cult Entry. Make sure to include your cultist number on your card! In the event you have a pending order that has not arrived yet then I will accept an emailed copy of your order tracking as proof. So, it is never too late to join!

Feel free to post up any further questions you may have about the contest. Good luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing some amazing stuff! Start painting and playing!


  1. Cool contest! I'll have my AAR on friday...muahahahaha

    Oh, and where do we post for the second half?

    Fun contest!

    1. Looking forward to the entry!

      Second half? You mean the Black Goat Cult entry? Just email me (points to the email in the #2 raffle) or you asking about the AAR posting?

    2. I'll have to get my card at home so I can remember what # I am :) I was referring to this part:

      1) Follow the blog! Follow my blog (if you are not already) and post up that you would like to enter. You must do both (be a follower and post) to be eligible for this prize.

    3. You are now! You was already following, you just said you want to enter that drawing now that I got verification. Your our first entry.

      I already got the first Black Goat entry also...the prize is most amusing thanks to Uncle Mike. Yours would be the second! I know more will follow soon enough.

  2. hmm looks like its blog follower only entry for me - so yes i would like to enter your blog follower competition !!! (teaches me a lesson for waiting until Salute for my rulebooks !!!)

    1. Salute is the 21st as I said, so you have two weeks still. Start polishing off some scenery and minis if you got them! You can do it!

  3. Here we go for the blog following entry.

    The AAR will be coming up soon(ish) ;)

    1. You have 4 weeks, so make'em good! I think we are going to have some great AAR's about to hit!

  4. Blog followed! I would like to enter the competition please!

    AAR hopefully coming in next couple of weeks if I can dig out the minis and scenery (just moved house)

    1. Got ya down on the raffle list. Start digging away, I did give 4 weeks so people could anticipate life in general.

  5. Can we write our own scenario for the contest, or does it have to be from the book?


    1. Yes, if you have your own scenario in mind by all means. I just suggested in the rules anything can be used...

      Creativity is key to the elements I plan to judge so make it good!

  6. I follow your blog! Please enter me into the competition.

    (I'd love to also post an AAR but alas haven't got around to collecting/playing SA yet - maybe this will get me going!)

    1. Know anyone that has stuff you could borrow and use? Never know what a creative soul can come up with.

      Got ya down for the drawing!

  7. I'd like to enter the follower competition, in case I can't get anything done for the main one...

  8. Count on me, will post an AAR before the deadline, hopefully sometime next week :-)

  9. I am sure with your media background we are in store for something special! Looking forward to the entry!

  10. I have followed your blog for some time! I would like to enter the competition!