Monday, April 2, 2012

Solo Strange Aeons Game: After Action Report

Well, tonight I played my first solo game of Strange Aeons using Morbid Adventures and had a blast! I wanted to try out the new rules of solo play and see how a threshold team would work. I also felt it was a good idea to make sure I know the rules well enough to teach someone else the game with some bit of competency.
The table, something I threw together.

Mission roll.

Black was the Lurker Dice, Red Threshold. Roll for first turn.

I rolled for the Mission and got “Escape…into danger!” and did the random deployment option.  After setting up the table I rolled off both sides as each group had 4 models and the Threshold won, placing first. The good Captain went down on the table; next up was a cultist that hid in the ruins to stop anyone from escaping the table edge I rolled randomly as the “exit point”. Next up the Priest ended up in the same sector as the cultist and hid behind the building ready to shoot the cultist if the opportunity arises or run away if things go badly as he was already on the edge. The Cult leader went down next behind a rock like hill with his shotgun aimed towards the captain. The professor with his rifle setup next to the shotgun to take a snipe shot at the cult leader early on. Last the Giant Vermin was placed between the zombie and cult leader.

The scatter after deployment.
Cultist hidden in the ruins.

Profressor and Sir Rothland

The Captain out in the open. Hey, what is tha behind the rocks! Look out!

Evil lurks....

Zombie and Rat prepare to chomp on some flesh...
The story drive is that the team was caught off guard and the priest was cut off by the team and they had to push past the enemy to escape or at least win the fight!

The good father hidden in cover waiting to help his fellows or run for help.
Random roll saw the Threshold take the first turn. Taking quick action Professor Richards using Lighting Fast fired two shots from his rifle at the cult leader and missed with a 1 and 2! Ugh! Next the captain snaps a pair of pistol shots at the cult leader. He hits once with a critical hit and gets another 6! But the cult leader passed his cover saves on a 4+ and laughed.  Sir Rothland with his shotgun runs up to support the captain.

The prof isn't a good shot in stressful situations.

The Captain hits and gets a crital!

Alas, evil has a cover save!
The Cult Leader wastes no time and fires his shotgun! Both barrels fills the air with lead and down goes the captain! Captain Black saves one hit but the other goes past him and adds +2 to the injury! Ouch! He takes a major wound and is out.  Sir Rothland sees his friend filled full of buckshot and drops face first into the mud having war flashbacks! The Rat scurries up and was unable to reach Rothland and the zombie climbs over the hill enjoying that -2 to his movement. *sigh*

The captain was not so fortunate. Major injury for him,
Turn two saw Rothland standing up as the professor shouts a warning of the rat about to attack him. He fires two shots, one hit but fails to injure the rat.

Roland faces down the rat.
The rat charges Rothland and they engage in a bloody battle, falling back into his old war habits he manages to slay the giant rat with his bowie knife. The Cult leader fires twice at Rothland but either fails to hit, one shot is saved by cover and the last shot clips him again and he falls to the ground.

That rat didn't have a chance!
Again the professor calls out to Rothland as the zombie is now shuffling towards his prone form. Rothland stands up ready for another messy affair with hand to hand combat.  The professor snaps a shot at the zombie, rolling a 1! ARG! He shoots again! Another 1!

The zombie stalks forward, guess he didn't see what happened to the rat!
The Cult Leader attempts to shoot Rothland again but lucky his middle name as the only shot that hit was deflected by the very rocks the cultist is using as cover! The zombie lurches forward and another fight ensue with Rothland again showing his craft with a blade.
At this point the Cult Leader is nervous, both of his allies are dead he flees back moving twice to get within command range of the cultist covering the ruins.
The professor skirts the edge of the table towards the tree line as Rothland runs towards the middle using the rocky slope to shield his approach.

The Professor and Sir Rothland close in on the cultists.
The cultist snaps off a few shots with his pistol and fails to wound Rothland with two solid hits. Father Antonio snaps off a shot and grazes the back of the head of the cultist knocking him face down to the ground.  The Cult Leader moves into the ruins and fires a shotgun blast at the priest and hits once. The good lord was with him as the wall saved any chance of injury against him.
The Professor swings forward to cover Rothland with his rifle and misses the priest again as his supernatural luck with cover deflects another shot.  Rothland fires the shotgun at the priest after advancing up and hits the priest again, gets a critical and uses his lucky option to reroll a 1 getting a total of 10 with the critical and taking out the cult leader.

Rothland watches the cult leader take some buckshot to the butt and back!
The cultist stands up and finishes his turn. The professor and Rothland advance up and fire on him after the Priest snaps another alert action shot and misses. Both shots from the rifle and shotgun miss and then the cultist fires back having passed his resolve check with a 5+ to keep his nerve the turn prior he fires in a wild abandon at the Rothland. This barstard must have a silver spoon when he was born…he promptly crits the cultist the next turn and takes him out with a minor injury.
Threshold wins…..
Meet the cast and crew:
Left to right: The Captain, Father, Sir Rothland and the Professor

Dr Paul Richards: Character with Bolt Action Rifle, Lucky Hat, Lighting Fast
Agent Sir Reginald Rothland: Double Barreled shotgun, Dex 4+ decrease
Agent Captain Jack Black: Lieutenant
Agent Father Donovan Antonio: Lucky

Left to right: Cultist with pistol, Zombie, Rat and Cult Leader.

Cult Leader: Double Barreled Shotgun and Improved command
Cultist with .45 and bowie knife
Giant Vermin (Rat)

After Game Wrap up....
The Captain got a Head Trauma for a -1 Resolve, not good!
The team finds one map piece and I have to pick new skills for the Professor, Sir Rothland and Father Antonio. Hrm, guess I will have to research this for another test game.
Overall, I did well with the rules I did forget the POWER rule for the shotgun, so I will have to keep that one in mind. The random deployment makes it hard to use every model within command range. The priest was left out of most of the game and was useless for the most part except as a possible last minute win by running off the table.

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