Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Blog Sponsor for the Contest

Musica Cuthulhiana has agreed to throw in some cool stuff as prizes for the blog contest!

I found these guys a few weeks back while cruising around looking at after action reports and saw a link on a blog, a free download later I enjoyed their stuff so much I thought it would be cool to ask if they would love to support us and Goetz responded back that they would be happy to help out. Just want to say thanks for jumping on board!

Here is the two new prizes to the stash!

- the limited 2-CD of our latest album "Fragment"

- a special package of the limited 2-CD "Fragment" AND the sold out previous album "The Fourth"
(this is very special since "The Fourth" is sold out for over a year now world-wide and even we have only a couple (now one less) left)
Here is their website:

They do music that is great for gaming in general from roleplaying to miniature gaming that provides that nice touch of atmosphere to a game session. And to boot they are HP Lovecraft fans (just look at the name!)....
Anyway, swing by the website, check it out and download some of their tunes and give them a try. They have some CD's you can purchase also (either download or actual CD)....


  1. Wow they are an awesome sounding band judging by the snippets on their site!

    Some great prizes you've been able to assemble :-)

  2. Thanks, it has been some tough work, but well worth it. The true heroes are those that are supporting it...

    I am just jealous at the cool stuff I have to give away. (laugh)

  3. You have found a very nice music here. Thanks!!